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Jellycat Amuseable Rainbow

Cheering up the sky and your day! Have your own adorable Amuseable Rainbow!

Amuseable Rainbow loves everybody, and welcomes one and all for big, colorful hugs! With pastel stripes in peach, yellow and turquoise, corduroy arms and a goofy smile, this squishy rainbow brightens up the day. A poppet full of pride!

  • Suitable for all ages, babies, toddlers and everyone else!
  • So soft with a smiley face and little arms
  • Measures 13"wide, 7" high, $24.00
  • Made from 100% polyester. Hand wash only.

Discover a world of art and fun with the Amuseable Colors Book! Our Amuseable gang can't wait to share their favorite colors in this 7" by 7" book, $12.95. A gorgeous gift with a hardback cover, it's a joyful intro to our bright, beautiful world. 

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