Collection: Maggie Stern


I am a sock designer, a folk artist, and the founder of Maggie Stern Stitches. My socks celebrate women who have changed the world for the better. I believe that empowerment takes many forms, and I want to honor inspiring women who have made their mark in many different ways. I started with a single design featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the great champions of equality in our time. I sent a trial pair to Justice Ginsburg. To my pleasure and surprise, she sent me a thank you note! RBG’s encouragement ignited my enthusiasm to continue to design. I branched out to include portraits of other women in public life, as well as writers, artists, activists, and scientists who refuse to accept the idea that change is impossible. On the sole of each sock that I make, I include a quotation from the woman I’ve drawn. I hope that their words inspire those who proudly wear my socks as much as they inspire me. For each person I honor, I contribute to an organization that best reflects who they are, and the work they do. For RBG, I contribute regularly to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project; For Stacey Abrams, I contribute to Fair Fight. In some cases (as with the Rosa Parks Foundation), I make a commitment to a contribution as part of the formal agreement to use the image. Giving back is an important part of my mission.