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Lifetime Oil Burning "Sunburst" Candle

Distinctive Lifetime Oil Burning candles from White River Designs that capture nature's beauty for years to come.

New sunburst shape is beautiful lighted as a candle or simply as a unique room decoration. A single colorful orchid floats inside with glass chips at the bottom.  Each is created one-at-a-time.

  • Available in Raspberry or White Orchids, Hummingbird or Seashell
  • Measures 3"H X 3 1/4"W by 1 1/4"D
  • Lifetime fiberglass wick never needs replacing
  • Uses smokeless, odorless, paraffin candle oil, easily found at local stores.
  • Handcrafted in Arkansas and arrives filled with oil, instructions and ready to enjoy.


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