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Felted Outdoor "Forest House" Birdhouse

A delightful little cabin in the woods for your feathered friends! With roof shingle detail and hand felted windows - this Forest House is the perfect getaway for backyard lovebirds and a perfect gift for bird enthusiasts.

Do Birds Really Go Inside? YES! Small birds use them as a safe place to nest and rest. Birds such as titmice may also pull parts of the body to take the wool to add to their nests. How Long Will It Last Outside? If hung in a protected outdoor area, such as under a porch roof, our birdhouses will last for years and years. If placed in direct sun, colors will begin to gently fade over 2-3 months, but they will retain their shape for more than a year in fully exposed weathe.

How do you clean it out? It’s easy to remove old twigs and nesting materials from the handy clean-out hole in the base or through the entry hole. If the outside becomes soiled, a good brushing is usually all that’s needed.

  • Measures 10"H x 4"W
  • Crafted from natural sheep's wool and sustainable materials.
  • Durable outdoors and highly decorative if only enjoyed indoors.
  • Sized for small birds like, wrens, chickadees, and sparrows.
  • Full details are attached to each birdhouse for full enjoyment.
  • 100% Fair Trade produced in Nepal

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