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Felted Olive Oil Soap

We love these "Art for Your Sink!'™ felted olive oil soaps from Ten Good Sheep. And they aren't just good clean fun, they have a heart too.  Creator, Karyn Belnap of Ten Good Sheep, donates hundreds of pounds of soap each year to local homeless and women's shelters.

Chamomile and lavender olive oil soap is artfully wrapped with soft Merino wool and then hand felted. When wet, the soap on the inside saturates the wool wrapping and the mild, easy rinsing soap cleans you up beautifully. The wool is gently exfoliating too. The wool wrapping allows the soap to last longer and shrinks along with the soap as it's used.

  • Silk, Bamboo and Merino wool, felted around herbal olive oil soap.
  • For use in the kitchen. bath, or daily facial cleansing.
  • Made in USA . Color assortment varies as these are handmade.
  • Perfect functional gift idea and each packaged in a special linen bag;

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