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Family Platter

Each highly textured, individualized ceramic bowl begins with a beautiful chocolate clay body. Artists Noelle and Eric hand-throw each piece, decorate it with slip to create a textured one-of-a-kind surface, and employ wax resist methods to create deep varied surfaces.

Noelle & Eric, a husband and wife team, are the creators. Noelle writes her original poetry on the pottery and they both design and create all the pieces together, by hand.  They are an earthly partnership and collaboration that reaches for the heavens and brings it home and here.

This platter is hand-thrown on the potter's wheel and inscribed with Noelle's poem "Family". All pieces have their own unique character due to their handmade nature.

  • Approximate size 3x15x15  Heavy Shipping
  • Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe...Enjoy!
  • Made in Vermont

When we are sold out, this platter takes 4-6 weeks to re-stock


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