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Ed Levin Charming Signature Heart Bracelet

Sterling silver "Charming Signature Heart" bracelet with 14kt gold wraps, 14kt heart and small diamond.

A celebration of love or kinship. The Signature Bracelet is given as a gift to celebrate life or a special event. Engagement, marriage, graduation or just wonderful love. Start a family tradition of jewelry for generations.  Innovative "no clasp" design allows bracelet to pull outward and go over the wrist, then moves back to oval shape.

Timeless design Signature bracelet is our best selling bracelet !

  • Handcrafted of fine quality 925 sterling silver for a lifetime of wear.
  • Approximately 3/8" at widest point.
  • 14kt Gold wraps detail.
  • 14kt Gold heart charm with small diamond
  • Larger sizes are available as special orders
  • Made in USA

PROPER FIT and SIZING for Expandable Bracelets:  Hold the hand and fingers outstretched, but cupped like you are putting on the bracelet. Measure around the knuckles for size.

  • Small 7 1/2"
  • Medium 8"
  • Large 8 1/2"

OUT-OF-STOCK styles are usually available within a few days.  Call us 781-863-1219

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