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Cape Cod Cranberry

Cape Cod Milk Chocolate Covered Cranberries

Cape Cod Milk Chocolate Covered Cranberries

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Premium milk chocolate covered cranberries.

Made by Cape Cod Cranberry Candy.

FLAVORS: these cranberry chocolate bites feature smooth, milk chocolate. Just chocolate and fruit no artificial red coating or flavor added to the chocolate.

HISTORY: the cranberries are harvested in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod Cranberry Candy proudly makes all of its chocolate covered cranberries in the USA.

FUN PRESENT: milk chocolate covered cranberries for birthdays, teacher's presents, stocking stuffers and more. If you like Cape Cod Bog Frogs, you'll enjoy these.

ALL NATURAL/KOSHER: these all natural chocolate cranberries are a certified Kosher food item.

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