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Houston Llew

Believe -Spiritiles #273 (Limited Edition)

Believe -Spiritiles #273 (Limited Edition)

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The most anticipated Spiritile of the year is here! #273 - Believe, is very special indeed. We believe it ties together every Holiday Spiritile since the 2015 Holiday Tile, Tannenbaum. With Believe, we see the tree in Tannenbaum (2015), the anticipation of the Gathering (2016), the log cabin and starry sky in Aurora (2017), the Glow from within (2018), the act of preparing for the Yuletide (2019,) so we can be together - the Greatest Gift (2021) of all. Read more about Believe's Story HERE

This very special Spiritile runs for a limited time: November 1st through December 31st. As such, this is the year's most anticipated and coveted of all Spiritiles. Get the full run down of the Holiday Spiritile in our educational piece: Houston Llew Holiday Spiritile. 

Quote: "Seeing is Believing. But, sometimes...the most real things in the world are the things we cannot see."

- The Conductor (Polar Express)

Quote begins on left side and finishes on right - author noted on top. Each Spiritile is made from copper, glass and wood. They can hang on a wall or stand alone, and will never fade or tarnish.

Status: HOLIDAY Availability: AVAILABLE
Production Dates: 11.1.2022 - 12.31.2022
Release: Limited Edition Holiday Spiritile 2022

Measures: 8.5" x 5.25" x 1.75"
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Presented with artist information in Designer Gift Box

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