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2019 Abacus Calendar

The thirty-third edition of the Abacus calendar with brand new artwork by Maine artist Dana Heacock. Celebrate each month in 2019 by displaying his new Desk art, or hang all twelve Poster images for a fantastic art show!  It’s a wonderful gift for the home or office. (Does not include Frame)

Flip calendars are now available and a new addition to the Abacus calendar collection! These are spiral bound on the top and have a pop out to sit on a desk. They are meant to be without a frame.

  • Poster Size: 11x14"  $28.95 sold out
  • Desk Size: 5x7"  $16.95 (now 1/2 price $8.47)
  • Flip Spiral Desk $17.95  (now 1/2 price $8.97)

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