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Creative Energy Candles "Rosemary and Lavender"

A 2-in-1 candle, this organic hand-poured soy candle when burned, melts to create a beautiful scent and a healthy body lotion suitable for all skin types.

This herbaceous candle begins with a top note of fresh rosemary and soothing lavender. Leading to the heart blends of lavender, lavandin abrialis and lavandin grosso. With clean base accents of long lasting cedar and eucalyptus. Infused with natural essential oils, including rosemary, cedar wood, eucalyptus and lavender.

  • Soybean wax, Natural essential oils, Certified organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • Organic cotton wicks are clean burning & non-toxic
  • Glass 10oz  $20
  • Glass 7oz  $15
  • Travel Tin 3.5oz  $10
  • Made in USA

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