Collection: Dovera by Susanne Greelish

It Began with a Pact of Friendship

Dovera began when Susanne Greelish handcrafted a bracelet for a dear friend facing a life challenge. Admired for the bond it symbolized, the beauty of the design, and its pleasing feel against the skin, that first Dovera sparked requests for more.

Since then, women have been passing on their stories as well as the bracelets themselves, making Dovera an emblem of the power and beauty of friendship.

Every Dovera comes with promises. For yourself, A Dovera is your promise to remember your personal beauty and strength.. Given away, it creates a pact of friendship.

Laurie Peck & Susanne Greelish


Laurie Peck (left) & Susanne Greelish (right),
Friends and Dovera Founders

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